If you’re a commercial property owner or residential property owner in Marshall, Texas and you have trees on your property, Tree Health Lady is the best arborist serving Marshall and Harrison County. Tree Health Lady is based in Marshall and has been providing tree health services in Marshall, TX and the surrounding area for many years.

Tree health is very important. Trees need fertilization and proper trimming to grow to their full stature. Any disease needs to be remedied quickly, before it causes long-term damage. Tree Health Lady specializes in health and prevention. If you have trees in Marshall, Texas and want consistent regular tree help, call the tree health service with more than 15 five-star ratings on Google Maps and a five-star rating on Facebook Reviews.

Tree Health Lady is a nationally recognized and trusted tree service provider, serving Marshall, that has been focusing on tree health and the preservation of your outdoor assets since the business opened. There are many tree service providers in the area, when making your decision consider a tree service provider that is fully trained, insured and a certified arborist that specializes in tree health.

Tree Health Lady can assist you with stressed Oak trees that often are effected by Hypoxylon Canker. This species of canker is common in East Texas due to the fact that Live Oak, Red Oak, Blackjack Oak, and Post Oak are very common types of Oak trees making up a significant portion of the tree population.

Tree Health Lady can also assist you with Pine Trees in Harrison County and all of East Texas. Pine Trees can be attacked by Pine Beetles.  Tree Health Lady can remedy these infestations. The southern pine beetle (SPB) is the most destructive forest insect in the southern US and can cause major damage if not treated.

If you want a tree service provider that knows what they are doing, you want the best tree service in Harrison County, then call Tree Health Lady at (318) 455-4758 to schedule a consultation.

Whether residential or commercial we look forward to meeting your needs!

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Pecan trees produce a nice crop in Marshall, Texas.

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