Crape myrtles don't need a lot of pruning.Pruned Crape Myrtle

There are some basic pruning techniques that can enhance the tree’s beauty and bloom capacity.

  • Remove dead branches
  • Remove lower branches very near the ground
  • Remove suckers growing from the base
  • Remove small twiggy branches inside the foliage 

Also, while the tree is still young, select one to five strong shoots arising from (or near) ground level to be the tree’s main stems. Remove all others.

Keep your cuts clean and precise by using sharp pruning shears.

The remaining shoots now form the tree’s central framework.

These main stems will support the flowering branches (known as laterals and sublaterals).

Don't top your crape myrtles. Rule of thumb is to not cut more than a third of living tissue in a season.

Lastly, prune your crape myrtles (and any tree) in the dormant season when leaves are falling. It's less stressful on the tree and helps keep it healthy.

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